FAQs on Brown Sugar Human Blended Full Wig – BS103 (#1B – Off Black)

Q:Does it look natural?
A:No it does not. It’s to much hair and is not big head friendly. I regret buying it waste of money.

Q:can you use any bush on this wig
A:Yes, because I use a regular comb. It’s human mixed so it should be okay.

Q:Can i use this daily?
A:It is a good daily wig but it will eventually tangle up on you so ,you’re going to have to either finger comb it or carry a paddle brush with you

Q:How natural does it look? Can I wear it daily?
A:Depending on the size of your head, it can look natural. It works well for my aunt, but not for me. I ended up using it for cosplay.

Q:can you tie it up and wear it as a ponytail
A:I do not believe that a high ponytail would look natural, however a low loose ponytail would look fine. As a Black woman, I believe this is a wig that looks very natural, as the texture is that of mildly relaxed hair. It also lays naturally on the head and is layered beautifully. Highly recommend for an inexpensive alternative to a full-head weave. Many compliments.

Q:can this wig be curled
A:Yes it curls up well. I used a little heat protectant and hairspray

Q:how long is this wig
A:It stops at the top of your breast it’s a very nice wig but it’s very thick & it tangles but all u have to do is flat iron it & it will be fine

Q:Which one is the all burgundy one
A:When you click to choose the color example: 1b is brown/black any number beyond that is a color you can always google the color type to see and visit your local beauty supply store